Press Release

Flanders wants to buy the Dynasty Palace - "The Dynasty Palace is not for sale”

State Secretary for Recovery and Strategic Investments Thomas Dermine reacts to the comments made today by the Flemish Minister of Tourism Zuhal Demir on the Bruzz website. The minister indicated her desire to buy the Dynasty Palace to make it a permanent showcase for Flemish tourism.

The Dynasty Palace is a property of the federal state. It is managed by the Buildings Agency. Toerisme Vlaanderen has a concession until February 2022.


"The Dynasty Palace is not for sale", states Thomas Dermine.


"As announced in my general policy note submitted to parliament at the beginning of the legislature, it is my ambition to develop a broader project that will make this place a showcase for scientific and cultural policy in Belgium. I do not exclude involving the federated entities in the reflection, but it will be a national initiative", concludes the Secretary of State for Science Policy.