Press Release

New buildings and investment credits for the von Karman Institute

State Secretary for Science Policy Thomas Dermine visits the von Karman Institute

At the proposal of the State Secretary for Science Policy, Thomas Dermine, the Council of Ministers agreed on the choice of site for the new buildings of the von Karman Institute and on the confirmation of the granting of investment loans in 2021 and 2022.

The von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI) is an international non-profit association founded in 1956 as a research and training centre for a NATO mission. The VKI is a world reference in the field of fluid dynamics and aerodynamics.

Since the foundation of the VKI, investment in suitable premises for the Institute has remained limited, not meeting current energy and fire safety standards. For this reason, the current VKI site on the Chaussée de Waterloo in Rhode-Saint-Genèse will be designated for renovation work and the construction of new buildings.

The Council of Ministers therefore mandates the Secretary of State for Federal Science Policy to clarify the situation regarding the right of use of the site enjoyed by the VKI on the Chaussée de Waterloo in Rhode-Saint-Genèse and instructs him to present the detailed dossier for the renovation work as soon as possible. The Council of Ministers also authorises the commitment and liquidation of an amount of €9 million in 2021 and €2 million in 2022 in favour of the VKI. This is part of the extension of the rescue loan granted to the IKV in 2017.

Finally, the Council of Ministers instructs the Secretary of State for Science Policy to set up structural monitoring and control of the VKI's activities by amending its articles of association to provide for two government commissioners on its Board of Directors.