Press Release

Recovery Plan: a constructive first meeting with the European Commission

On Wednesday 20 January, the Secretary of State for Recovery and Strategic Investments, Thomas Dermine, met with a delegation from the European Commission to discuss Belgium's Recovery and Resilience Plan. This first official meeting comes in the wake of the agreement reached in the Consultation Committee on 12 January and the submission by Belgium of a first draft of the Recovery Plan.

"These discussions are fundamental because they allow us to fine-tune the orientations and projects that will ultimately be financed by European funds within the framework of our recovery plan. Belgium has now made up a significant part of its delay in this process," the Secretary of State said.

It is worth recalling that all of the proposals of the various governments were discussed during an unprecedented and intensive work process between the cabinets of the Federal Government and the federated entities, with the support of the administrations of all levels of power.

This work process was carried out in a spirit of broad consultation, even beyond government circles. Thus, the social partners via the Central Economic Council (CCE) and the players making up the Federal Council for Sustainable Development (CFDD) have already submitted own-initiative opinions and are consulted on the various documents.

"Between now and the final submission of the plan in April 2021, we are continuing to work closely with the governments of the federated entities in order to finalise the selection of priority projects and strengthen their quality and coherence. The various projects will be selected by the governments on the basis of objective criteria. The ambition is to have a plan that will enable Belgium, in the unique context of emerging from the Coronavirus crisis, to face major challenges such as the digital and environmental transition and fostering social inclusion", Thomas Dermine concludes.

The Secretary of State will present an initial progress report on the work carried out before the members of the House Economy Committee this afternoon.